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Johnny Depp portrays Donald Trump in this star-studded Funny or Die video

This may be Johnny Depp’s most bizarre role as Donald Trump in this ‘set-in-the-80s’ mockumentary called The Art of the Deal: The Movie. The name comes from Trump’s 1987 bestselling

Sean Combs and Byung Hun Lee parody Rush Hour and Face/Off

Be prepared to be confused with this new Funny or Die parody of Rush Hour and Face/Off starring Sean Comb and Byung Hun Lee (GI Joe). In Rush Hour 4:

Dennis Quaid freak out is a Funny or Die prank

Dennis Quaid recently had a “freak out” on the set of a project. Many were wondering if it was real, like Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation, or

Funny Or Die: Between Two Ferns with Bart Pit

Comedian Zach Galifianakis recently interviewed Brad Pitt on his Funny Or Die segment Between Two Ferns. Awkward as usual, Galifianakis asked Pitt about his movie “Furry (Fury)’, his hatred of baths, living

Chris Pine is a vampire lawyer for the new Funny Or Die video

It is exactly how it sounds. Funny Or Die presents Chris Pine in the starring roll in Vampire Lawyer – a film about a vampire lawyer for about two minutes… then

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks adjusts to a modern office

Christina Hendricks can be seen on Mad Men, a show that takes place in the’60s. Now she is working at a modern office and still has dated technical skills and

Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins and underpaid

Mary Poppins is a beauty, and she’s practically perfect in every way. Except there’s one small issue…she’s getting underpaid. Check out this Funny or Die parody as she talks about

Chris O’Donnell takes a jab at Justin Bieber as Robin prank

Remember Justin Bieber’s Funny or Die prank where he took a photo of himself with a script for the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film? Well of course you did. Millions

Bane goes into telemarketing as Bane the Telemarketer

So what did become of Bane after the events of Dark Knight Rises? It seems that he went to prison and was finally paroled out. Being in prison for seven

Rugrats: Live-Action Movie

Yes! My childhood cartoon is finally coming to real life. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica are back, but in a bizarre adventure. Funny or Die did it again by

Peter Weller’s Take on Proposed Detroit RoboCop Statue

Peter Weller, the actor who portrayed the cybernetic law enforcer of future Detroit seems to be quite passionate about the proposed statue of his metallic alter ego in this exclusive