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Lin-Manuel Miranda challenges fans with #Ham4All to fundraise for charity

Hamilton creator and national treasure Lin-Manuel Miranda issued an online challenge to his fans to sing songs from his award-winning Broadway show using the hashtag #Ham4All – and all of

E3 2014: Interview with Extra Life’s Jeromy Adams

Love gaming? Why not do that and help sick and injured kids along the way? Now you can. Extra Life is a fundraising program for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Extra Credits launches Games for Good on Rockethub

For those of you unfamiliar with the Penny Arcade TV series Extra Credits, you’re missing out. Under the slogan “Because games matter,” Extra Credits takes five minutes every Wednesday to

Liz Katz may have once been in porn, so what?

Liz Katz has been an inescapable name these past few days, especially if you spend time on our website. Katz became infamous when her Indiegogo campaign for a new costume