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Top 5 reasons the Olsen Twins need to guest star in Fuller House

Fuller House Season 3 is currently available for streaming on Netflix, and surprisingly Nerd Reactor covers the series. Unfortunately, the Olsen Twins are not going to make an appearance as

Netflix’s Fuller House celebrate 30 years with the Tanner family

Can you believe it has been 30 years since we were first introduced to the Tanner Family from Full House? The family is back together – minus Michelle – and

Fuller House season 2 premiere date announced

Fuller House may not be one of your favorites, but let’s be real, it provides a nostalgic trip for all. I for one, love it. Which is why I’m mega

Avengers: Full House opening makes you wish it were a real sitcom

Comic book fans as well as audiences everywhere have been enjoying all of Marvel’s latest and greatest films featuring some of their favorite superheroes. The movies are action-packed, somewhat empowering,

Fuller House leans heavily on nostalgia, less so on jokes (TV review)

While rummaging through an old drawer the other day, I found my old Motorola RAZR flip phone. Back in the early 2000s, this was the hottest phone on the market. Sleek

National Lampoon presents Full House: The Musical! A Tanner Family parody!

By Josh Kaye In May of 2014, NerdReactor had the chance to see National Lampoon’s production of Bayside! The Musical!: The Saved By The Bell Musical. And it was one

GTA V done as Full House opening

Full House is a show that many ’90s kids should remember. What would happen if the world of Grand Theft Auto V were to have its own Full House opening

John Stamos announces Fuller House is coming to Netflix

The American-classic TV sitcom, Full House, is coming back to the general public. As first reported by IGN, John Stamos announced today on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, that Full House