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NBC announces Friends reunion show in 2016

Could I BE any more excited today? After over a decade off the air, NBC announced today that the entire Friends cast will be reuniting in a reunion show to

The Avengers get turned into NBC’s Friends

Are you a huge fan of the Avengers? Are you a huge fan of the NBC sitcom Friends? Well it looks YouTube user Jeremiah Rivera just uploaded a parody of the opening theme

Friends is now on Netflix

When Friends first aired in 1994, TV critic Ken Tucker gave the show a solid A- grade rating, calling it “the best-cast show of the season” and adding that it “operates

New Super Mario Bros Wii U: Old Traditions, New Additions

It’s easy and a bit trendy to make fun of the Mario series, but if a formula isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Yes I will admit it’s been almost the same