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Five ways to attend conventions for free

Unfortunately, most great nerd conventions are expensive. From skyhigh hotel fees to the actual badge cost itself, the average teenager or college kid cannot easily attend a high-quality con without

T-Mobile giving customers 1 year of free Pokemon GO data

  T-Mobile continues to prove why they are the ultimate “un-carrier” next week, with their July 19th iteration of the popular T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion. If you are a T-Mobile customer,

Anime Expo 2016: Crunchyroll will now be releasing DVD and Blu-rays

Crunchyroll has become the ultimate hub for everything anime. In the last few years, we’ve seen the popular website releasing more anime content, simul-publication of mangas and even the addition of

Steam free weekend: Rocket League

So you know how you’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of Let’s Play videos and Twitch Channels about that insane mixture of Hot Wheels cars, meth and soccer? Well, you’re

High Speed! –Free! Starting Days- opens December 5

Film adaptation of the light novel High Speed! titled High Speed! –Free! Starting Days- will open on December 5th this year! The novel was originally adapted into the infamous TV

Best of Youtube – KUNG FURY

Last year a sensational trailer from LaserUnicorns climbed to 10 million views and helped the kickstarted film quickly rise to its targeted goal. In just a year, we’re now presented with the full,

NeoGAF to give away free copies of ‘There Came an Echo’ for 48 hours

If you’re like me, you tend to spend a lot of time looking for Steam sales and deals and by a stroke of luck, I happened to find this post

Want Sid Meier’s Civilization V or Mafia 2 for free? Enjoy!

Who doesn’t love free games? Seriously, apart from the Humble bundle deals, games are expensive. Thanks to the golden Joystick awards, GMG and 2K games, just for voting (not required)

KyoAni’s Swimming Anime ‘Free!’ is real and set to air this summer

Remember that incredibly, well made anime commercial that set the internet on fire last month? ANN reports that Kyoto Animation has officially unveiled the show’s name to be Free!. Based

Xbox Live Gold free this weekend for NA and Japan

In a rare showing of actual customer consideration by a huge corporation, Microsoft has announced that it has enabled free access to Xbox Live Gold for Xbox 360 users in

Warcry’s Re-launch & Giveaway Contest

When this site announced that it relaunched, I thought it was a prank, considering the announcement was on April 1st. Well, now it’s the 2nd, and I’m a day behind.

Nintendo Plans to Sell More 3DS by Cutting Prices Worldwide, Promises Incentives for Early Adopters

The Nintendo 3DS was suppose to be one of Nintendo’s biggest items on the market, offering the ability to play 3D games on a portable system without the use of

Buy a Windows 7 PC Get Xbox 360 Free

If you are looking for a new PC and also looking to buy an Xbox 360 but don’t have the cash to buy both. Well, Microsoft has something for you.