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Evolve goes free to play

Hey remember the game Evolve? If not, don’t worry not many people do. In all honesty the game was pretty awesome, but for one reason or another it never really

World of Warcraft loses 3 million subscribers

World of Warcraft is not going to collapse anytime soon. The doomsayers would say otherwise and the veterans will be unphased by this news, but ultimately the news is interesting.

Free to Play: The Movie depicts the struggles to becoming a professional gamer in D.O.T.A 2

Valve has just released onto Youtube one of the most heart-wrenching documentaries ever created about the professional gaming scene. Here, we follow Dendi and two other rising stars in the

Marvel Heroes, free-to-play MMO announced for PC

Perhaps knowing that there would be multitudes of fans craving their next Marvel fix in video game form, Gazillion Games has announced that a free-to-play game in the Marvel universe,

Free-to-play: Axe some trolls, grab some gold in ‘Dungeon Blitz’

There’s always one guaranteed way to fix your boredom while you’re at work or school: free-to-play games! Dungeon Blitz is a simple side-scrolling hack n’ slash dungeon crawler with a

Phantasy Star Online 2 to be Free to Play

  Sega was able to share some more details earlier today regarding their upcoming sequel to their hit MMO title, Phantasy Star Online 2. The real kicker came when they

Vindictus Early Beta Preview: Free-to-Play MMORPG Brings the Goods

It’s been a while since I have played a PC game, but I had a chance to play the beta for Vindictus, thanks to my new PC (my old PC