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Weekend BANG! Episode 36: ‘Splosions feat. Freddie Wong

The Weekend Wang is here with Sir Aaron Carter at the helm with Cory, Alex and Steven all riding shotgun. As awkward as their lap sitting situation is, it doesn’t

Interview with Freddie Wong on Video Game High School’s final season

Nerd Reactor got Cory and I a one-on-two with Freddie Wong himself, and we got a little insight on the upcoming third and final season of the awesome web series,

Video Game High School Season 2 Premiere Party video and photos

This week was the release of the first 30-minute episode of the new season of Video Game High School. With the success of the last season (mainly due to the

Lindsey Stirling dresses up like Link and smashes pots for Freddie Wong

If you’ve ever played the Legend of Zelda games, then you probably have smashed a lot of pots during your gaming session. When I played Ocarina of Time, I would

16-bit Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Freddie Wong’s crew has created a 16-bit version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in conjunction with the release of the film today. This is for all you old-school console fans

Video Game High School first episode is online

Freddie Wong and crew have been busy working on a big Kickstarter project called Video Game High School, and now episode 1 is here. There are 10 episodes total and

Screenshots from Freddie Wong’s Video Game High School

Freddie Wong is a big gamer at heart and uses his gift as a filmmaker to give us awesome and funny YouTube shorts inspired by video games. Now he is

Freddie Wong Isn’t Needed to Kill These Creepers

Here’s a Minecraft video from Freddie Wong, sans Freddie Wong. It shows us what happens when one is killed by a creeper and how they deal with the rage inside.

Freddie’s Diner – Being Served by Freddie Wong

Our NerdReactor.com correspondents, Joey Rassool and Becky Horton, were able to check out the Hill Street Cafe in La Canada, California, on September 27th, where none other than Freddie Wong,

Freddy Wong Does Splinter Cell

As cool as the game was back then, I still laughed a bit at the stupidity of the enemy AI. Freddy Wong releases a new video, poking fun of the

Freddie Wong and Jon Favreau in Cowboys and… Other Cowboys

Cowboys and Aliens is almost upon us and I think it’s very cool that Jon Favreau has contacted Freddie Wong, Youtube extraordinaire, to help make a cool short in conjunction

There’s Only One Way to Stop an Internet Troll – Real-Life Ban Hammers

If you’ve read comments on the internet (especially on Youtube), you’ve probably run into internet trolls whose sole purpose in life is to piss anyone off. Are they real people?