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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and others are suing AMC

You might remember a few weeks back when it was reported that Frank Darabont was suing AMC after being fired as executive producer. His current lawsuit has reached the summary judgment

Spike TV’s The Mist premiere turns a small town upside down (review)

When The Mist came out back in 2007, I remember walking out of the film thinking how much I enjoyed the ending. I then looked at my now-wife, who thought it

The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont in talks to direct Snow White and the Huntsman

Frank Darabont was the showrunner for The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. There were some creative differences between him and AMC, leading to him leaving the show. Now that he’s not working

Frank Darabont plans to stick closely to the original Godzilla

Just what the hell is going on over there at the Godzilla camp? If you haven’t heard by now, Legendary Pictures has ousted its previous producers and attached The Walking