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David Hayter returns as Solid Snake… in Ford Focus commercial

Fans were disappointed when Konami announced that Kiefer Sutherland was taking over David Hayter’s gig of portraying Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. (I actually enjoyed

Ford releases second commercial featuring Dragon Ball Z

In one of the most bizarre team-ups in advertising history, Ford has enlisted the help of the Z-Fighters from Dragon Ball Z to help sell their new cars. The first

Ford makes time traveling possible with Flux Capacitors installed in new cars

This week is Back to the Future week, and Ford will be selling the Ford Focus and Fiesta with a special Flux Capacitor installed. The Flux Capacitor is a device

CES 2015: Ford Motor Company

Since the inclusion of computer technology becoming more emphasized in motor vehicles, the inclusion of motor vehicle manufacturers at CES have been an interesting diversion from the smaller toys at

Ford Motor Company – Trend Conference (Day 2)

We recently covered the Ford event last week. Ford orchestrated an announcement during the breakfast of the second day. Teaming with Power Wheels, they created customized mini-F150 trucks for children.

Ford Motor Company – Trend Conference (Day 1)

It’s about 1:19AM as I’m starting to write this. I just recovered from an evening of presentations by the Chief Operating Officer of Ford, Mark Fields. Like the major celebrity

Ride around like a king with the Ford Transit Skyliner Concept

It’s time to add another thing to my list of items including more video games, a private jet, and collectible figures. Introducing the Transit Skyliner Concept luxury van by Ford

CES 2014: Ford’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle collision warning technology

Ford wants to lead the way with their Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication system (V2V for short). This new technology uses a combination of GPS and WiFi technology to talk to vehicles around

2013 Ford Fusion inspired collaboration with MILK studios

Have you ever stepped outside, looked at your car and wondered what it took to bring it to life? All the designing, refining, technology and collaboration that go into today’s

Allergy Alert app now compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink

We’ve seen technology take leaps and bounds into all things automotive. Most of these innovations have been for safety, performance, and entertainment. But one company, Ford to be exact, has

Ford’s 2013 MyFord Touch Upgrades

Last weekend in Deerborn, Michigan, we were flown out to see what new goodies Ford has to offer on their new 2013 models. One of these upgrades was the update

FORD – SYNC Technology & Mustang GT Review

A look at FORD SYNC Technology inside of a Mustang GT 5.0

X Games 17 & FORD Needing You is like a Hot Wheels & Matchbox Octane Heaven!

If you think a mud run or a carnival ride would bring you to the heart palpitating experience – think again! Octane Academy, founded by FORD, is what every little


FORWARD WITH FORD – We take a look at the convention that is going to change lives brought to you by FORD!

FORWARD WITH FORD: Introduction Recap

Day one is upon us here in Dearborn, Michigan, where FORD is showcasing their muscle & might to a select few. Trend setting technology, green car forward thinking, and future rendering

Ford Focus Electric Unveiled at CES 2011 with Gallery

Nerd Reactor attended the preview event last night for Ford’s unveiling of the Ford Focus Electric at CES 2011. The vehicle emits no CO2, and is gasoline-free. It will be