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Ubisoft to add four new Chinese warriors in For Honor

One of the games Ubisoft is still currently supporting is For Honor, the online third-person melee fighter featuring Vikings, Knights & Samurai warriors. Later this year, fans will get to play

Ubisoft’s For Honor review

For Honor is Ubisoft’s attempt to break into the ever-growing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre of video games. The game possesses the traditional elements of a MOBA from the

Fight For Honor and without fear as a viking

Nerd Reactor recently got a chance to test out Ubisoft’s upcoming multiplayer action game, For Honor. Without a doubt, this game needs to be on everyone’s radar in 2017. The

Check out two missions from Ubisoft’s For Honor campaign

Nerd Reactor got to check out two missions from the campaign from Ubisoft’s upcoming game, For Honor. The first mission we got to test drive the assassin of the knight

For Honor Collector’s edition listed on Gamestop’s website

Ubisoft’s upcoming multiplayer action game For Honor is quickly approaching its February 14th release date. Fan anticipation of the action packed game has given way to a new collector’s edition

Slaughter your enemies like sheep with For Honor’s Warlord Apollyon

Meet Apollyon. She is one of the catalysts of the forthcoming war between Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. The latest trailer focuses on the story-driven campaign of For Honor, and for

For Honor: Cutting in to the Closed Alpha

Ubisoft’s next action epic, For Honor, took people by surprise when it was first revealed at E3 2016. The title came out of nowhere during Ubisoft’s conference, and immediately looked

E3 2015: Ubisoft releases a new IP called For Honor

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be Samurai, a Knight, or a Viking? Well it looks like Ubisoft has a completely new IP, it is called For Honor and