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Top 10 must-have Halloween treats

Move over pumpkin spice, you are not the only treat that’s coming from the fall. In fact, you may be missing out on some of the other delicious treats during Pumpkin-mania. Never

Get your maximum snack on Oct 25-26th at the K-Town Halloween Food Fest

Oct 25th-26th – K-Town, Los Angeles, 6th Street/Berendo the Halloween Food Fest will make you a lover of Korean culture. Great place to take a date (Not that any of

Doritos goes bold by awarding $1,000 a day

Doritos; a staple in any gamer’s late night diet or party snack. The question is, which flavor is the best. Unexpectedly, before receiving this news, I had already purchased a

The chemistry behind Sriracha. Just because

Why do people love to add Sriracha to everything? While no amount of science can pinpoint the real reason behind the popularity of the rooster sauce (at least, maybe not

Domino’s ‘DomiCopter’: Pizza by drone

It seems like just the other day I wrote an article about Dominos manipulating movie watchers into buying pizza with their movies. A company in London called “T+Biscuits” (brilliant name if

Hostess fans may just be in luck

Man I miss going into a market and buying a box of Twinkies… We always wondered if it would ever coming back? Ha, it’s nice to dream. “Buyout firms Apollo

Final Fantasy also gets a 25th anniversary bento featuring Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth and Chocobos

Yesterday Hideo Kojima tweeted pictures of a special bento (lunch box) he received from Sony to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Metal Gear. Well he wasn’t the only one who received a

They’re taking the Hobbits to…Denny’s?

One of the stranger stories to pop onto my feed today, Denny’s will be featuring a Middle Earth-inspired menu beginning November 6th up until the launch of The Hobbit: An

Japan Brought Maid Cafes And Now Irvine Brings…Hero Cafe

Hero Cafe is just as it sounds. It’s a cafe with a Superhero vibe. Fellow Nerd Reactor writer Narvin and I found this place just in front of the 24