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‘The Book of Henry’ takes you on a surprisingly beautiful journey (review)

“It can’t be left undone…we have to make it better…” In a world where superheroes and aliens rule the box office, it’s often that a small yet powerful miracle of

Poster revealed for upcoming film The Book of Henry

As we come to an incredible end of films in 2016, one must always look to the future for the greatness to come. It seems that we didn’t have to

‘Nocturnal Animals’ attempts to create a pseudo-noir film (review)

When it comes to describing the genre of film noir, I think Roger Ebert said it best: “One difference between film noir and more straightforward crime pictures is that noir

Hot Fuzz interactive screenplay available!

Focus Features, MovieFone and Edgar Wright have released the Hot Fuzz interactive screenplay for fans to enjoy. The first installment of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy – Shaun of the