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CES 2019: Motiv Smart Ring takes fitness to a new level

If you’re anything like the three quarters of Americans who feel that being fit is important, then the Motiv Smart Ring is here to help you reach your goals. Showing

Get fit like a nerd

If you’re like me, then you probably don’t work out that often. I personally can’t help the fact that I have been gifted with a perfectly honed body (no, I

Get fit! Do Flap! A new game that helps you lose weight!

Independent gaming company BreakFirst released a new motion-controlled fitness iOS/Android app called FitFlap. FitFlap is an app that allows you to play a fun game while also burning some calories.

New Age Performance 6DS mouthpiece (review)

I know the last thing you expect to see from Nerd Reactor is a fitness product review, but the folks over at New Age Performance sent out one of their

Nintendo releasing Wii Fit U to retail next week

It’s 2014 now, and you are probably regretting all that delicious food you ate during the holidays. So now with the thought of health and fitness once again on your

Zombies, Run! or How I lost weight (and friends) in the undead apocalypse

The world is in shambles. What is left of humanity has broken off into reinforced settlements to stave off any attacks. Since the outbreak, our once flourishing society has fallen

Need to track your heart rate? You can now through an App!

As an avid runner and fitness junkie, I like to keep track of my heart rate and calories lost. I usually use the machines I run on to determine my