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Actor Ron Glass passes away

Ron Glass passed away recently at the age of 71. He’s played many roles throughout his lifetime. Of note, he’s been on an episode of the popular series FRIENDS and Star Trek: Voyager

Con Man shines with its take on convention life (web series review)

There’s a fine line between parody and mockery. And walking that line, can be a difficult task. And yet, against the odds, Alan Tudyk’s passion project Con Man, somehow manages

Firefly co-stars need your help for their Indiegogo campaign ‘Con Man’

Want to see Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk back on the screen together… and ON A SPACESHIP?! Now is your chance if you help fund their Indiegogo campaign for their

NYCC 2014: Previewing Firefly Online

By Joshua Kaye One of the best shows that I’ve had the chance watch, Firefly, was truly a treat to watch. The fact it was cancelled after just one season

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3 (comic)

Dark Horse releases Serenity: Leaves on the Wind Part 3 on March 26th! For Firefly fans, this comic series is your lifeline to a show cancelled way too soon. Part 3

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2 keeps flying high

It’s hard to describe the bond that geeks have with Joss Whedon’s space-cowboy adventure Firefly; it was gone far too soon, however much of its cult status comes from its

Tired of people sneaking up behind you? Now you can stay alert with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt

Are you a paranoid person who thinks the world is out to get you? Thanks to ThinkGeek, you can feel safer with the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt, since you’ll

Secret of the Booze with Firefly’s Sereni-Tea

It’s sad to hear that Nathan Fillion doesn’t think Firefly can be resurrected, but at least we can relive the memories by watching the old episodes and downing a drink

Netflix doesn’t believe in Firefly fans

Ever since Netflix breathed new life into the formerly cancelled sitcom Arrested Development, many fans from cult-followed cancelled TV shows have been clamoring after the streaming service to bring back

Firefly Kickstarter?!?! … no… not yet at least!

With the success of 2007’s cancelled cult hit Veronica Mars being turned into a movie (thanks to Kickstarter and the fans), fans are looking into Kickstarter to renew their beloved cancelled

Joss Whedon makes a guest appearance in Robot Chicken’s Season Finale

On this week’s upcoming episode of Robot Chicken, Joss Whedon makes a special guest appearance. In a sneak peek at this season’s final episode, we get a glimpse of what

Cast of ‘Firefly’ to Reunite at Comic-Con 2012

Fellow browncoats rejoice because you’re going to have a little something special to celebrate at Comic-Con this year. It looks like the entire cast and crew of the sci-fi hit ‘Firefly’

‘The Avengers’ Firefly Style

Check out this awesome mash up video recently released by a talent video editor that goes by the name Cruciatus featuring ‘The Avengers’ intro in a ‘Firefly’ style. Both the blockbuster movie

Dragon Con 2011 Second Photo Barrage of Epicness

Here we have for you the second half of the photos we’ve taken at Dragon*Con 2011 this year. And to all the new friends we’ve made on this trip out

FIREFLY, BUFFY/ANGEL & DOLLHOUSE Convention with Nerd Reactor (Video)

Nerd Reactor attended the Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse convention (pretty long name, I know) and our correspondent, Marc Chester, conducted interviews with cast members like Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), Doug Jones

Joss Whedon Fans Unite! FIREFLY, BUFFY/ANGEL & DOLLHOUSE Convention This Weekend in LA

Yes, Joss Whedon mania is about to raise the roof as the Firefly, Buffy/Angel and Dollhouse Convention (clever title isn’t it?) is on its way this weekend at the Marriott