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Unreleased Fantastic Four film subject of new documentary

There have been some pretty amazing comic book movies that have come out in the last few years, but for some reason they just can’t get it right with The

Fox Studios still looking to make more Fantastic Four movies

If you can see my face right now as I’m typing this, I’m eye-rolling so far back I can see the back of my skull. Really, Fox? Really? Did you not

SDCC 2015: Gambit, Wolverine and more revealed on Fox’s Marvel slate of films

After the epic superhero selfie took place on stage at Hall H. Fox revealed their future slate of Marvel films. Other than Fantastic 4, X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool, Fox has officially confirmed that

The first black superhero: The Black Panther

February is Black History Month, so I’ve decided to take it upon myself to educate the masses about some of my favorite black comic book characters. One of the first

Stan Lee approves of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

Fox’s new Fantastic Four film has been heavily scrutinized over the last few months. Rumors of problems on the set have been spreading, leading many wondering what would be the

Spider-Man Replaces Human Torch as the Fourth Fantastic Four Member

Back at the end of January, we reported that Human Torch was killed off from the Fantastic Four. Well it has just been announced that our friendly, neighborhood Spider-man will

4-1= The Fantastic Three

*WARNING SPOILER ALERT OF FANTASTIC FOUR #587* The long wait is over as the conclusion of the Fantastic Four saga ‘Three’ draws to a close as we discover which one of the

New Editor in Chief at Marvel

A few weeks ago Marvel announced that there will be a new Editor in Chief Axel Alonso. Axel started at Marvel on September 2000 as Senior Editor. He was promoted to