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Just a glimpse into the world of Fanime 2017

When going to a con, a fan’s mind can spin with so many options. It’s especially the case with many events being in different locations at the same time. Here

FanimeCon 2017: Small tips to remember

FanimeCon falls upon the San Jose Convention Center once again this week from May 26-29. For many attending, this will be another year in a familiar place with friends. Others

4 reasons why you should go to Fanime 2017

Ah yes, one month to go. Maybe even less! It’s Fanime season, you guys, and I could not be more excited! Fanime is my home con and has been my

Thoughts on FanimeCon, E3, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con

Convention season in California is heating up! Many California-based con attendees have recently enjoyed WonderCon in Anaheim over the weekend. (Check our cosplay music video from the event here.) For

Fanime 2016 photo gallery

This past weekend was another cosplay-filled weekend at Fanime 2016 in San Jose, California. We saw a lot of fans dress up as their favorite characters and even ones that creatively

Checking out FanimeCon 2016

Just a few weeks ago, all of us at Nerd Reactor were preparing to get shwifty at Fanime, which is one of our favorite conventions. We wrote a piece on

Let’s go to Fanime!

Ah yes, it’s the month of May. And everywhere when this month comes around – I begin to plan what to do at my favorite convention. That’s right, ladies and

Fanime up next for West Coast con season

WonderCon has come and gone and up next is Fanime for the West Coast nerd convention. As usual, it will be held during Memorial Day weekend, in San Jose, California.

What was Fanime 2015 like?

As per usual, Fanime rolled around this year starting May 22nd and ending May 25th. I have been going for a while now, and it seems to be getting bigger

Cosplayers lip sync to Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘I Really Like You’ at Fanime 2015

Nerd Reactor attended Fanime 2015 at the San Jose Convention Center during the Memorial Day weekend, and they gathered a bunch of cosplayers to lip sync to Carly Rae Jepsen’s

Fanime 2014 definitely worth checking out

Fanime 2014 was the second time I attended the San Jose Convention Center. The last time I attended was back in 2008 working as a vendor and while I had

Fanime 2013: The Masquerade of The Black and White Ball

Convention-based masquerades have dramatically evolved since their Carnival influences of the fifteenth century. Ambiguously representing the unabridged rules of each host, masquerades have become synonymous with staged performances and secular

CosCast #58: Talking Fanime and con dances

Download l Previous Episodes Fanime is over and host Matt Lewis talks about his Fanime experience during the Memorial Day weekend at the San Jose Convention Center. The gang also

Fanime 2013 Photo Gallery Extravaganza

Fanime 2013 came and went. There were a lot of issues with the con itself, but one thing that didn’t disappoint were all the amazing Cosplays we got to see

Fanime 2013 Cosplay Music Video

FanimeCon 2013 is now over. The event was held during the Memorial Day weekend at the San Jose Convention Center and brought in a lot of attendees, spilling out to

CosCast 29: More Fanime, E3, Wreck-It Ralph, and is Nerd Culture Growing?

Join us in episode 29 of The CosCast with your hosts, Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown, Matthew Lewis, and Morgan Woods, as they talk about the world of cosplay. Conventions are

NR Interview: Designer Shigeto Koyama

At Fanime 2012, I caught up with animator and designer Shigeto Koyama for an interview. He is known for his work on Heroman, Panty and Stocking, and most recently, Eureka Seven

CosCast Ep 28: Our E3 and Fanime experiences

Join me, Joey Rassool, and the rest of the CosCast gang as we talk about our E3 and Fanime experiences. Topics include Fanime Masquerade, meeting with video game developers, making

NR Interview: Bleach Voice Actor David Vincent

The Nerd Reactor crew was at Fanime this weekend, and we all had a blast! The cosplay, the venue itself, everything was so impressive. We also managed to get some

FanimeCon 2011 Cosplay Photos Days 1-4 [Camera 2]

Nerd Reactor actually had 3 photographers and 1 videographer on site at FanimeCon 2011. The photos posted the same week as the event were from our editor Narvin. I also took photos with my camera throughout Day 1-4. The following are my selected photos from the entire con. Find the full res images and my full gallery (258 photos) at my Flickr linked at the end of the post!

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