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Be on the cover of WWE 13

We are in the final last days before the October 30th release of WWE 13! With just little over a week of left the anticipation has reached the breaking point. New WWE Live

Update: Star Trek Into Darkness needs more likes to see trailer is a fake

UPDATE: 4.00 PM The fake Facebook page has been deleted. It was, indeed, a fake. UPDATE: 12.03PM According to Paramount Pictures, this facebook page is a FAKE. This is indeed

Data-Mine yourself on Facebook

Over the years Facebook has gathered everyone’s data, from your basic information to create an account, to your likes, the friends you keep, where you hang out, and other social

If you have a cosplay Facebook page, it might already be deleted

The cosplay Facebook world is going in a frenzy. Many are panicking about Facebook deleting their accounts. What is exactly going on here? Facebook is doing some summer cleaning by

The Puzzle Chasers, Frogger Pinball, casual games at E3?

Truth be told, I don’t walk into E3 wondering how many casual games I can get my hands on in the small amount of time allowed. If I can help

Facebook smartphone on its way

Facebook smartphone on its way

Ubisoft: A future in Hollywood

As Ubisoft has previously stated, a subsidiary of theirs has now began producing movies based on the franchises we know and love. The first of which will be based on

Jay-Z plans to launch ‘Empire’ Facebook game

Hova himself has done many things in his time; rap legend, media mogul, clothing line, NBA team owner. Now to add to this illustrious career, Jay-Z plans on releasing a

Is this a tease for God of War 4?

Tonight PlayStation’s Facebook page changed its cover. The cover does not show a picture but a quote. The quote is, “WILL VENGEANCE BRING REDEMPTION? 04.19.12”. And with the change comes

Facebook real-time analytics, advertising tools, & timeline layout for all pages

Facebook beefed up their revenue generating monster machine a little more with their new real-time analytics platform embedded in Pages Insights,. Also announced yesterday was the future of online marketability with Facebook Pages, Reach

Facebook gaming drops from 50% of users to just 25%

In just a few years, Facebook had become the goldmine from which diamond-encrusted butterflies flew. Now, however, there are a lot less diamonds on said butterflies. IHS Screen Digest Media

Let’s buy Facebook – IPO

Let’s Buy Facebook – IPO – Disney is with children, Facebook is to internet connectivity

KAROTZ: Rabbit Gone Wild Facebook Device

KAROTZ: Rabbit Gone Wild Facebook Device – Pictures and Preview

Facebook Knows Too Much About You

Here’s a funny video about Facebook Ads featuring Danny Grozdich. He lets his co-worker know about how advance Facebook is. It’s so advance, that it’s able to have all the

SuperToothHD, a Phone Life Saver, for a Cost

I am pretty sure many people remember that there is a law forbidding you to use your cell phone as you drive, or that you cannot text while you drive

Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and John Lasseter Remember Steve Jobs

Many are still sending their will wishes to the family of Steve Jobs. Today, the President of the United States issued the following statement. The world has lost a visionary.

Andy Samberg Invades Facebook f8 Keynote

SNL funny man, Andy Samberg, opened Facebook’s f8 keynote today as the Zuck Dawg. During the opening monologue, Mark Zuckerberg RockHardAbs talked about the growth of Facebook and new features

Goodbye Facebook Check-ins, Hello Souped Up Geotagging

Part of a new set of features that Facebook will be rolling out this week and the coming days, designed to further enhance your Facebook experience, “Places” on your mobile

George Hotz: PS3 Hacker & iPhone Jailbreaker Hired at Facebook

George Hotz, known for the PS3 hacking and the first iPhone jailbreak, has now landed a job with Facebook.

WCKD Radio is Facebook’s First Online Radio Station for New Artists

Not too long ago, Myspace was the mecca for new artists to showcase their music. When giant, Facebook, came along much of the social crowd was wooed away, yet Myspace