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Court rules in favor of Zenimax on Oculus Rift Lawsuit

The lawsuit that was the gaming worlds equivalent of a messy divorce in which your bitchy ex-wife (or ex-husband) is trying to take you for everything you have has finally

Kevin Smith steps away from ‘Buckaroo Banzai’ TV series

You can’t be the type of person who goes out into this world, claims to know a ton about movies and TV shows, and not know who Kevin Smith is.

Facebook now allows users to stream any Blizzard game

Facebook has gone live with its ability to stream any game made by Blizzard Entertainment live through its Facebook Live platform. Since the collaboration between the two companies was announced in June,

Zenimax, Oculus legal battle continues

In another shot across the bow from Bethesda Softworks and id Software parent ZeniMax Media, the company has amended its filing in their 2-year-old lawsuit against Oculus VR. Originally, the

James Gunn confirms Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will make San Diego Comic-Con appearance

In a Facebook live video posted today, wrapping up the final day of filming for the movie, Gunn, alongside Chris Pratt, said some kind words to the cast and team

Overwatch streaming headed to Facebook

A new challenger is approaching the video game streaming arena. Gamers are very familiar with the world leader in gaming stream websites Twitch, and others may be familiar with less

Facebook is NOT getting a DISLIKE button

Sorry everybody, Facebook is not going to have a DISLIKE button. There have been numerous reports that there will be an actual DISLIKE button to go alongside the LIKE button,

Guardians of the Galaxy had an extremely positive effect on a disabled child

Guardians of the Galaxy was released in theaters last year, and no one expected it to become the huge blockbuster hit that it is now. Director James Gunn took a

Hackers takes down Facebook and Instagram

People will be talking about this for weeks. Grandparents will tell their grandchildren the dark tale of the day a hacker group shut down Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM and Hipchat. The

‘Lassoh’ promises a social media app without privacy concerns

Recently the internet has been abuzz with the news that Facebook was forcing mobile users to download its new ‘messenger’ app to view and respond to Facebook messages. Having to

So Facebook just bought out Oculus for $2 billion

The giant social networking site has just acquired Oculus VR, the maker of the Rift VR headset, for $2 billion in cash and stocks. The money to acquire is $400

Shitty asteroid telescopes, Upton up in space, Project Tango in motion and more you should know this week

Google sets into motion Project Tango, which is an effort to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” Basically that means your smartphone’s camera can become a

Facebook releases the Paper application for smartphones

Some of you may have already downloaded the newest application released from Facebook called “Paper”. And after playing with it for a bit, it seems to be a cleaner version

Guess who’s the new Lex Luthor? (This one’s out of left field)

[Robert Galvan’s view doesn’t represent Nerd Reactor as a whole.] Warner Brothers officially announced today that the roles for Lex Luthor and Alfred have been cast. Jeremy Irons will be

TIME Magazine reveals how much time you’ve wasted on Facebook

Facebook is nearing its tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years ago Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network inside a dorm with a couple of friends. 1

Facebook to begin testing video ads this week

YouTube is the number-one site for watching videos. Facebook is in second place. As of October 2013, over 70 million people have viewed videos on Facebook, and these people have

LP Recharge with Linkin Park launch event (photos)

This week Link Park released a new online video game for Facebook. The game is a third person 3D game that combines adventure, fighting, and puzzle elements and of course

Want a smartphone for 99 cents? How about the Facebook phone?

It has been about a month since the release of the HTC First phone, which houses the supposedly innovative Facebook Home, and already AT&T has slashed its prices. The ‘Facebook

Yet another reason NOT to use Instagram

Instagram has been a staple for many a young phoneographer since its release in October of 2010. With a variety of interesting filters, borders, and blur options, it became the

SE pulls controversial Hitman Facebook app

After being released after a few scant hours, and after a humongous backlash from the community and gaming press, Square Enix has pulled a controversial Facebook app promoting Hitman: Absolution.