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Evolve goes free to play

Hey remember the game Evolve? If not, don’t worry not many people do. In all honesty the game was pretty awesome, but for one reason or another it never really

Chappie Challenge! Chance to play Evolve against Chappie

Skynet isn’t here yet, but it’s getting closer with the Chappie Challenge. Starting on February 21st, 2K will begin their tournament in their latest game, Evolve, where one lucky team, after beating

E3 2014: Evolve – My time as ‘The Medic’

One of the big surprises at E3 was the time I spent with Turtle Rock Studios and 2K’s Evolve. I was thrust into the game and was hooked. If you don’t know

Left 4 Dead developer reveals Evolve with new trailer and gameplay video

Some gamers were expecting to hear news about the next Left 4 Dead game, but what we actually got was a new game entirely called Evolve. It’s a multiplayer shooter