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Five ways to attend conventions for free

Unfortunately, most great nerd conventions are expensive. From skyhigh hotel fees to the actual badge cost itself, the average teenager or college kid cannot easily attend a high-quality con without

Nintendo Switch Treehouse stream occurring morning after presentation

In one week, Nintendo will hold a presentation in Tokyo, Japan at the Big Sight Convention center to discuss their upcoming new console, the Switch. They will announce launch titles,

Destiny’s first PVP event: The Iron Banner – Everything you need to know!

In what can only be described as a fiery, glorious massacre, the Iron Banner PvP event is now LIVE on all Destiny servers. For those who remember the Iron Banner

Can-Am Spyder December ’13 Pre-Event announcement

As people who know me well will tell you, I love new tech that’s excitingly awesome and I get stoked whenever I have the chance to take it for a

Game of Thrones beer tasting event coming to Hollywood

Do you enjoy food? Do you enjoy beer? Do you enjoy Game of Thrones? Do you enjoy indulging yourself in food and beer inspired by Game of Thrones? Are you

The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D experience from an old fan

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie that I’ve grown up with from when I was but a wee lad, and this is coming from a person that normally hates

Symphony of the Goddesses: Two hours of nostalgia

Photo by Andrew Craig Nintendo’s conference during E3 may have been a big letdown, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t still find ways to entertain. With the Legend of Zelda:

Vote for the final World Tendency event in Demon’s Souls

It’s true. After running for two years, Atlus has confirmed that the servers for Demon’s Souls will finally be getting shut down at the end of May. And to make