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IEM Katowice 2015: GE Tigers take a decisive lead

IEM Katowice is well underway with its first bracket coming to a close. Group A has been absolutely dominated by the team many consider to be Korea’s new #1. LMK’s

IEM Katowice groups for League of Legends announced!

The Intel Extreme Masters is always an event to get excited for! It’s where some of the world’s top gaming teams come together for a few days of mutual destruction.

Disney’s new show about a 15-year-old retired pro-gamer has major flaws

News on the eSports block is that Disney XD has ordered a new live-action comedy series called The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Cameron Boyce stars as Conor, a

YouPorn sponsors DOTA team Play2Win

That’s right folks, with the recent trend of eSports sponsorship from companies previously dissociated to any sort of video game content, one caught my interest in particular. Adult media giant

ESL says eSports will be bigger than hockey

eSports is getting bigger and bigger, and we have had some people in the sports industry expressing their thoughts on the matter. Recently ESPN President John Skipper said that eSports

eSports added to this year’s X Games

This is huge. For years now, eSports and MLG competitions have been steadily growing in popularity around the world. MLG.TV alone has seen over 1557% growth in live viewers in the

Mad Catz announces R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse for PC and MAC

Mad Catz announced just earlier this month that a new addition to the R.A.T. family will be joining the pack. The R.A.T. TE, or Tournament Edition, is aimed at the

Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal Trailer & Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

The next Call of Duty game was revealed a few weeks ago and we learned today that Infinity Ward would be developing this title for current gen and next generation

Riot bans two more LoL eSports gamers for “toxic behavior”

League of Legends has developed a rather negative reputation of having some of the worst community members in PC gaming, due in part to the vitriolic behavior most of the

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