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New Lego sets from The Force Awakens reveal new characters

This years’ Star Wars panel at Comic-Con didn’t offer up a lot of news for fans regarding the upcoming film. There was a pretty cool behind-the-scenes featurette that confirmed Simin Pegg’s

SDCC 2015: New behind-the-scenes reel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

   Whether young or old, Star Wars seems to be evident in our lives, in one way or another. When Episode VII was announced, my heart nearly exploded, especially hearing

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer will make you squeal with joy

The wait is finally over! We finally get to see our first glimpse of actual footage from the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. There are literally no

Create your own Star Wars Episode VII title

Following JJ’s big announcement of the official title of Episode VII of Star Wars there seemed to be a worldwide groan from fans across the internet. It didn’t take long before

Warwick Davis returning for Star Wars: Episode VII

So you’re telling me that there’s Star Wars: Episode VII news that’s NOT leaked spoilers? Say it ain’t so! Well it’s true my fellow Jedi knights (Sith lords if that’s

Rumors: More potential major spoilers revealed for Star Wars: Episode VII

Are you tired of Star Wars: Episode VII spoilers? Me neither. Luckily Dave over at Latino Review has some more spoilers to share for us. Keep in mind that these

Star Wars: Episode VII on May 4th, 2016? This and other possible Episode VII rumors

Are you ready for an onslaught of rumors regarding the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII? If the answer is yes, then you should realize that the following rumors contain potential Episode

JJ Abrams set to direct the next Star… Wars film!

Whaaaat?!?! Fanboys and girls are screaming everywhere! Star Trek and Super 8 director, JJ Abrams, will take on Disney’s Star Wars Episode VII slated to be released in 2015. Originally