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Artist Spotlight: Chang Dai

Artist Chang Dai works as a art director at a studio during the day, but on her spare time, she is creating art based on the television shows we all

Broken Holmes: A Sherlockian’s thoughts on ‘Elementary’

I like BBC’s SHERLOCK quite a bit. I see the efforts of Moffat, Gatiss, Cumberbatch and Freeman as an extraordinary adaptation of Doyle’s great detective, perhaps my favorite adaptation. The

A study in memes: Interesting facts about Sherlock Holmes

The other day I was scrolling through Pinterest, I discovered this meme, and was struck with something akin to wonder. The person who created this seemed to be a ignoring

CBS’s Elementary gets an Irene Adler

CBS’s Elementary has a new cast member! British actress Natalie Dormer, most recently known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Captain America, has been cast as Irene Adler, the

Lucy Liu to play Watson in CBS’ New Sherlock Holmes Series

CBS has cast Lucy Liu to play Watson in their new Sherlock Holmes series, ‘Elementary’. Liu will be playing an ex-surgeon and former NYPD consultant in this new series who