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Exploding Hoverboards and why

There are two technologies that have consumers buzzing. Drones and Hoverboards. Of the two, drones are easily identifiable as they are understood to be unmanned aerial units. The ambiguous one

Are you still looking for the original Superman comic, Action Comics #1?

If you’re a collector of comics then you know that some very rare first edition comics could sell for seven figure. This week eBay announced that they will be auctioning

Time to change your password on eBay

Later today eBay will send out an email requesting that you change your password for its site. It seems that late February and early March eBay’s networks were compromised and databases

Gamestop releases more copies of Xenoblade and charges $90 for a used copy – WTF?

Gamestop really knows how to take advantage of customers. Recently they “received” tons of used copies of the Gamestop and Nintendo exclusive game, Xenoblade Chronicles, to almost every store as

Banned Django Unchained dolls now worth almost $20,000 dollars

It was definitely one of my top films of the 2012. Just like any Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained was a good shock to the system to break up the monotony

LA’s Golden Apple Comic Book Store for Sale

Ever wanted your very own comic book store? Well if you been saving up big for a rainy day then this is your lucky day! Los Angeles’ landmark nerd mecca is