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NHL 17 review

By Eric Escaravage Arguably one of the biggest issues plaguing sports games in general is the fact that a new edition comes out every single year. While hardcore fans will

EA confirms Bruce Lee as the UFC mystery fighter

EA was running an ad campaign that was teasing fans about the identity of the mysterious fighter in the upcoming EA Sports’ UFC 2014 game. We reported that martial arts

UFC fighters get the next-gen treatment

Check out the next-gen EA Sports UFC trailer featuring the fighters and their next-gen look. Each fighters are scanned in high resolution and have more emotive expressions than previous games.

Female fighters to debut in EA Sports UFC

UFC has been the go-to mixed martial arts fighting game when it was being published by THQ. That’s not saying much, since it was like the only one in the

Give sports games a chance!

Out of all the video games out there today, one genre receives a lot of flak from so called ‘gamers’. Yes, I am in fact talking about sports games. A

Making SSX: Part 3, Level Design – Shred the Planet

This third video in the “Making SSX: Bringing Back the Franchise” series gives us a closer look at what EA is doing with the level design. After watching this, you