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E3 2015: Disney Infinity 3.0’s Inside Out Play Set has us stuck inside Riley’s head

Pixar’s Inside Out has just been released in theaters, and it’s about an 11 year old named Riley and her emotions that live in her head. These emotions – Joy,

E3 2015: Hands-on with Rare Replay, the collection of 30 classic Rare games

While fans might have been expecting a brand new Rare title at E3, Microsoft announced that they would be releasing 30 of Rare’s most popular titles on the Xbox One

E3 2015: Magic Duels Origins – 100% Free to Play

I’m not ashamed to admit that the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise was the game that introduced me into the world of Magic the Gathering. The easy-to-digest version of the

E3 2015: Rock Band 4 vs. Guitar Hero Live

I feel like in the world of music video games, we are back in 2007. After the big boom and oversaturation of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, both franchises

E3 2015: Get Sick with The Assembly

The future of gaming is almost here again, with humanity’s second attempt at virtual reality gaming. With VR being such unfamiliar territory, a strong launch title lineup is extremely important. The Assembly

E3 2015: Story mode is coming to The Long Dark before 2016

  Perhaps the best kept secret in early access on the Steam marketplace has just been launched to the forefront of the game preview movement on Xbox One! Former AAA developers banded

E3 2015: Gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided looks stunning

I’ve been a long time fan of the Deus Ex franchise. In 2011 we saw a rebirth of the series with Human Revolution, and it was amazing. I played through

E3 2015: Play Station: Vue – Cable TV’s death warrant now in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Yet another major announcement from Sony comes through with the new selective live television app for the PS4. Playstation Vue is launching tonight in San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is

E3 2015: Destiny: The Taken King

The third Destiny expansion, The Taken King, has just been announced and the first trailer was shown during Sony’s E3 2015 briefing. Can’t say I’m not excited for this, as

E3 2015: The Last Guardian

It’s happened folks, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m crying a bit . Perhaps the most anticipated title of the past few years has finally been dated for release by Sony

E3 2015: Anno 2205, from the devs behind SimCity

While we don’t know too much about this one yet, we do know that it’s made by the same studio that’s brought us Sim City and the like. Ubisoft’s announcement of

E3 2015: Rainbow Six Siege adds TerroHunt

Since it was announced at last year’s E3, many fans including myself have been looking forward to the next installment in the Rainbow Six series. I’ve played through almost every

E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefield?

Star Wars Battlefront is sparing no expense to build an authentic Star Wars experience down to the jawa! For the first time we actually got actual pre-alpha gameplay that showcased

E3 2015: Is the new Xbox One Elite controller is what we’ve been waiting for?

Microsoft just announce a piece of hardware for the XBox One that could be a game changer for all gamers alike. Introducing the new Elite Wireless Controller. Now you’re probably

E3 2015: Halo 5’s new Warzone mode is a game changer

Ever wondered what it would be like to play a MOBA (League of Legends, DotA) mixed with an FPS? Well say hello to Halo 5’s newest mode called Warzone. In

E3 2015: Microsoft demos Minecraft for HoloLens

Back in January 2015, Microsoft announced the HoloLens at its developer conference and generated some excitement for its application in the professional space. During the Xbox briefing from E3 2015,

E3 2015: First look at Halo 5: Guardians campaign gameplay 

E3 is upon us, and Microsoft’s press conference did not disappoint. They kicked things off with our first look at the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. From where it starts off,

E3 2015: Gears of War is back with ‘Gears 4’

At E3 2015, we were given our first in-depth look at what Coalition has been working on for the latest entry to the Gears of War franchise title that is

E3 2015: Xbox One gains Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

Holy Cortana! Xbox just announced that the Xbox One will become backwards compatible with your favorite Xbox 360 titles after the next major update. Once a year Microsoft is known

E3 2015: Watch the entire Bethesda E3 showcase

Just got back from the big show at the Dolby Theater on Sunset Blvd, where Bethesda set the gaming world ablaze about many of their upcoming titles. This was Bethesda’s