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E3 will be safe thanks to the Lakers losing

Let’s face it, a lot of Laker fans are a wild bunch. They’re so wild that it’s tradition that they riot if the Lakers win the NBA Championship. This has

Spike TV to air Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing

For those of you too lazy to watch the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing on the internetz, you can now watch it live on Spike TV. The 90-minute event, XBOX: ENTERTAINMENT

Playstation All-Star Battle Royale announced

  It has been nearly 13 years since Super Smash Bros. made its debut in the video game world. To be precise it was exactly 13 years to the date

New Xbox will not be at E3 this year

Many have been speculating that a new hardware from Microsoft and Sony would be unveiled at E3 this year ever since Nintendo announced its Wii U console. Microsoft has confirmed

Sony Denies E3 PS3 Successor Reveal

  Remember a few days ago we reported that Microsoft and Sony apparently had plans for their respective console successors at this years E3? Well, Sony at least is now

Xbox And PS3 Successors to be Revealed at E3

  While Nintendo is comfortably planning on giving out more details on the WiiU this year, as well as the planned launch of the system itself, Sony and Microsoft seem

League of Legends: E3 Preview (Exclusive Concept Art)

Riot has always been a company that takes it’s user base into account when creating new heroes, changing current ones, or adding new concepts to gameplay. With what they showed

Our E3 2011 Video Montage Is Up with Video Games and Booth Babes Galore!

E3 2011 is finally over but we’ll have many E3 coverage in the days to come. I’ve finally finished the E3 2011 video montage featuring us playing Uncharted 3, Twisted

Luigi Gets the Star Treatment in Luigi’s Mansion 2 – E3 Preview

Oh, Luigi, you’re always invited to the party, the kart racing event, and just about every sporting event too, but Mario gets all of those and tons of his own

E3: The Darkness II Impressions

What I consider to be one of the most under-appreciated FPS games available on next gen consoles is getting a much deserved sequel, The Darkness II. I will admit that

E3: PAYDAY: The Heist Impressions

Apparently someone saw the first ten minutes of The Dark Knight and decided to make a six level video game based on that. Not to be too harsh on the

E3: Gears of War 3: Horde 2.0

It is bitter sweet knowing that the third and final chapter for the Gears of War franchise will be out later this year. But Epic has pulled all the stops

Nerd Reactor Podcast – E3 Day Zero “Press Conference Gauntlet”

Intoxicated and exhausted, the Nerd Reactor crew talks about the Mircosoft, Ubisoft and Sony Press Conferences. Who had the best conference? Who was wasting every bodies time? Which was better,

ATLUS Brings King of Fighters XIII to North America

In an e-mail sent to their faithful mailing list, ATLUS has announced that they will be bringing SNK’s next flagship fighting game, King of Fighters XIII, stateside. Details are still

HALO 4 Announcement Trailer!

I had a helluva start to the week. The Nerdreactor team was up bright and early for the Microsoft E3 Media Briefing this morning. I was expecting the loads of

Modern Warfare 3 is Not Substandard

Nerd Reactor is currently at the Microsoft media briefing, and we were just privileged to see the latest gameplay of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. A while back we were

Prototype 2 Now with More Mayhem and Destruction

The E3 Trailer for Prototype 2 has just been released, and the game looks more bad ass than ever. Now with more blood, more mayhem, new abilities, and renewed graphics,

This Will Probably be the New Name for the NGP

A few days ago, Kotaku broke the story about the page source code on Sony’s website about a product named “PS Vita”, article here. Now, we are all waiting for

New ‘Gears of War 3’ Trailer rocks out to Black Sabbath

Today EPIC games premiered the new Gears of War 3 trailer that features ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath. I love the first two games and it seems the third promises

Sony’s Longest E3 Press Conference in History

Keyboard cowboys, pad warriors and joystick jockeys alike look forward to E3 each and every year. And if you’ve been in the PS3 loop as of late you’ve probably been