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Microsoft’s Xbox One revealed with always online NOT being required, but used games will have fees

Microsoft has debuted the Xbox One today during the Xbox Reveal Presentation. We finally get to see how the console looks like, and it’s looking black and boxy. Some people

The next Xbox will allow you to play single player games offline?

Yeah, the rumor that the next Xbox will require online connectivity when playing video games had gamers worried. It lead to a Microsoft creative director resigning because he was taking jabs at

Another report saying that the next Xbox will require ‘always online’

Microsoft will be unveiling the next Xbox on May 21 at a special event in Redmond, Washington. Paul Thurott, a veteran tech blogger from Windows IT Pro, has given us

The next-gen Xbox will be announced on May 21

Months after the PlayStation 4 official announcement, Microsoft has decided to reveal the next Xbox on May 21, 2013. Media outlets received an invitation to the event that’s being held

Rumor Patrol: Xbox successor to launch in early November with a $500/$300 price tag

It’s been quite a week for Microsoft. Coming off the much-maligned Adam Orth tweets and the rumor that XBOX 360 successor would be an always-online console, now comes a new

Next-gen Xbox requires internet to boot games? Microsoft Creative Director says ‘deal with it’ for always online

I’m thinking that Microsoft isn’t going to win in the popularity votes if they are going to be moving in this direction. Sources from Kotaku have revealed that the next-gen

Xbox Durango to feature ‘Always On, Always Connected’?

Remember the rumor that was going around that the next-gen Xbox, codenamed Durango, was not going to allow used games from being played? Could the “Always On, Always Connected” feature

Inside the next-gen PlayStation console, the Orbis

Rumors are inevitable when it comes to predicting what’s going to be featured in the next-gen consoles for both the PlayStation 4 (Orbis) and Xbox 720 (Durango). In the latest