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YU-GI-OH! 5D’S Decade Duels plus avaliable for PS3 and Xbox 360

Back in November 2010 Konami released YU-GI-OH! 5D’S Decade Duels for the Xbox 360. Decade duels gave duelists a way to test out decks and earn new cards by dueling in

Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck: XYZ Symphony

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship series is under way and the cards just keep coming. With Galactic Overlord and The Battle Pack: Epic Dawn releasing next month, duelists still have one more set to look forward to

Yu-Gi-Oh! Players had a few questions about the upcoming Battle Pack Epic Dawn, we got them answered

For Yu-Gi-Oh! players, the surprise announcement of the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was a nice change of pace when cards like Tour Guide of the Underworld, Fiendish Chain, Fabled Raven

Yu-Gi-Oh! Generation Force

It was only last month at Comic-Con that we met with Konami and talked about the upcoming cards in the series that included the upcoming pack Generation Force. The Yu-Gi-Oh!