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Microsoft wants to ‘introduce’ to you the Xbox One…again…

Guys! Hey guys! Guys! Listen, guys! It’s the Xbox One and it’s finally here!!! Wait – wasn’t it already here during E3? According to recent news, Phil Spencer, the VP

Microsoft changes its mind on the Xbox One ‘always online’?

Update: Microsoft has issued an official announcement saying that they are removing DRM and always online. With the ending of E3 and the recent backlash that Microsoft received from the

President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios tweets about DRM

For the past couple days it seems that people have been tweeting/campaigning, #PS4NoDRM, in regards to the PS4’s stance on DRM (Digital Rights Management) and always-on connectivity. When an employee from

Ubisoft giving always-on DRM the axe

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft’s worldwide director of online games, Stephanie Perotti, officially made it known that the company has scrapped the invasive always-on DRM that has