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You can listen to Abominable in Mandarin courtesy of TheaterEars

Abominable is coming to theaters on September 27th, and it tells the story of a girl named Yi who helps a yeti across China in hopes of finding his home.

Chloe Bennet on Abominable: ‘The world that we are in is so whimsical and fantastical’

Abominable is an upcoming animated film from DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio, and it follows a young girl named Yi who befriends a yeti named Everest. Together, with the help from

DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming movie, Abominable, gets a trailer

DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio have released the trailer for Abominable, a CG-animated comedy-adventure film that transports audiences across 2,000 miles from Shanghai to the Himalayans. It follows a young

Alec Baldwin as a baby in a suit? Um…sure!

Ever wonder what it would look like to see that baby from the E-Trade commercials in a cartoon? Well, it looks like the Idea Well is waning thin with some

Get out of my DreamWorks swamp, NBC… unless you got $3.8 billion

It looks as though Shrek, Fiona and all there friends have found a new place to call home other than the Swamps, as NBCUniversal announced earlier today, and it sounds like it

Rocky and Bullwinkle honored at the Paley Center

From now until December 31st, The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, California, will host the Jay Ward Legacy Exhibit which features original artwork pieces from many well known

How To Train Your Dragon 2 coming to Blu-ray and DVD November 11th

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a sequel that is one of the best reviewed films of the year (It’s got a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing)

DreamWorks animator turns son’s home videos into nerd magic

Don’t you wish you had a dad who works in the visual effects department? Well, this lucky kid here has a dad, Daniel Hashimoto, who works at DreamWorks Animation, and he

Trouble brewing for Pixar and DreamWorks Animation?

Disney’s Frozen did great at the box office and had a very positive reception. Even though it wasn’t number one during its opening weekend, it still pulled in over $120

The Art of The Croods book review

With an all-star cast featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds, it’s no wonder that The Croods opened with a smashing $43 million. DreamWorks Animation has

Mr. Peabody & Sherman gets a new 2014 release date

DreawmWorks Animation has been consistently good lately, so any movie they churn out is definitely going to be met with open arms from me. Now they’re working on bringing a

Yes, a Sequel to Kung Fu Panda In 2011

Kung Fu Panda is getting a sequel, and with it comes this teaser that was attached in front of Megamind. The sequel is being dubbed, “The Kaboom of Doom”. The