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Where did Dragon Age II fall short?

With the recent release of Dragon Age Inquisition, I believed I ought to give Dragon Age II another play through, as I hated it the first time. I got to

Dragon Age: Redemption Featuring Felicia Day Is Out Now

Felicia Day’s Dragon Age web series, Redemption, has premiered its first episode titled “Tallis”. Redemption is a six-part web series that takes place in the world of Dragon Age. Tallis

EA Announces Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Release

EA has announced the release date for the downloadable add-on ‘Legacy’ and it will launch on July 26th. This is good news for all Dragon Age fans. Of course this

Dragon Age II gets $20 cheaper on Amazon today

For Amazon’s Deal of the Day, Dragon Age II will have a $20 price cut with the game being $39.99 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For those

Dragon Age 2 Developer Caught Giving Positive Reviews on Metacritic

So a guy has uncovered that a BioWare engineer has been posting up a positive review for Dragon Age II on Metacritic with the name Avanost. He linked that name

The Guild’s Felicia Day and BioWare Together to Create New Dragon Age Web Series

Oh Felicia Day, how I love thee. You’ve blessed us geeks with your humor and beauty and graced us with your presence in The Guild, Legend of Neil, Dr. Horrible’s

Dragon Age II Gets Naughtier with Fellatio

BioWare has been known to add sexual relationships in their games from Mass Effect to Dragon Age. Dragon Age II will have once again an option for players to seduce

Dragon Age II Demo For All, February 22

EA Games has officially announced that BioWare will be releasing the demo for Dragon Age II on February 22 for all available platforms including Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The