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Hi-Rez Studios is offering free classic PC Games for download!

If you’ve been a gamer as long as us most of us here at Nerd Reactor, then your repertoire of gaming experience isn’t just isolated to one platform. That would

Blue Estate, a rail shooter for B-movie fans (PS4 review)

I love a good bit of nostalgia when it comes to rail shooters. So what exactly is Blue Estate? Well, to put it simply, it’s a grungy, adult theme rail

Demon’s Souls coming to PSN

Dark Souls is a blast to play, and the masochist in everyone is no doubt excited for Dark Souls II. What could be better? ATLUS announcing that the original Demon’s

House of the Dead 3 and 4 Coming to PSN

Fans of arcade light gun shooters and zombie killing shenanigans rejoice! Sega just recently announced that they will be bringing in not one, but two House of the Dead titles