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YouPorn sponsors DOTA team Play2Win

That’s right folks, with the recent trend of eSports sponsorship from companies previously dissociated to any sort of video game content, one caught my interest in particular. Adult media giant

SteelSeries announces The SteelSeries Rival: Dota 2 Edition Gaming Mouse

With the DOTA 2 International tournament well underway, fans of the MOBA can now rejoice, as Steelseries just announced that a new version of The Rival will be sold at

DOTA2 International Championships reach $6 million prize pool and growing

While I may not be the most active DOTA 2 player on the planet, I’ve gotten quite a few matches in recently, just for fun. Little did I know, my attention

Free to Play: The Movie depicts the struggles to becoming a professional gamer in D.O.T.A 2

Valve has just released onto Youtube one of the most heart-wrenching documentaries ever created about the professional gaming scene. Here, we follow Dendi and two other rising stars in the

League of Legends: DOTA Evolved

League of Legends first popped onto the scene as a project by Riot Games, a company started by the original creators of the super popular Warcraft 3 map, Defense Of

Valve and Blizzard, Fighting Over Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA)

Valve and Blizzard, two of the biggest game developers for PC, have just recently begun what could become a years-long feud. Defense of the Ancients, or “Dota” as it is