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Mark Hamill comments on Donald Trump and his cabinet

Just because the presidential race is over doesn’t mean the craziness has ended. It seems no person, place, thing or, now, movie franchise is safe from the reaches of this

Family Guy mocks infamous Trump video

Donald Trump has said some pretty shocking things over the course of this election. It’s actually baffling how much he’s said with little or no impact on his poll numbers.

Trump-looking supervillain appears in Marvel comic book

Here’s a new one. The 2016 presidential election has given us some pretty bizarre situations, but this one threatens to top them all. Donald Trump, one of the most controversial

Operate on Donald Trump in new Surgeon Simulator DLC

Donald Trump has been a controversial presidential candidate, and Bossa Studios has announced today that it has launched¬†a new DLC called “Inside Donald Trump.” Players will get to perform heart

Tyrion Lannister beats out several presidential candidates in recent poll

As a few of you may know, there’s this presidential race in progress. Most likely, it’s the craziest race we’ve ever seen, and may ever see. I can’t speak for

Johnny Depp portrays Donald Trump in this star-studded Funny or Die video

This may be Johnny Depp’s most bizarre role as Donald Trump in this ‘set-in-the-80s’ mockumentary called The Art of the Deal: The Movie. The name comes from Trump’s 1987 bestselling

There’s a game where you get to kill Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been a controversial candidate for the Republican party, and now there’s a browser-based game where you get to kill him… with a tree stump. In Stump the

Kevin Conroy calls out Donald Trump for ‘I am Batman’ comment

The Trumpster has been all over the news as of late with his campaign trail. He was even seen giving free helicopter rides to potential voters at the Iowa State

Homer Simpson does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Now that many stars are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, Homer has taken this chance to also raise awareness. Homer has challenged Flanders, Lenny, and Flanders (again). Oh, and he