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New look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘Doctor Strange’ with concept art

Speaking with EW, Cumberbatch gave us a small taste of what to expect when we see Stephen Strange hit the big screen for the first time later this year. “The

Michael Giacchino to write score for ‘Doctor Strange’

One of the best composers out there today is rejoining the superhero genre as Michael Giacchino has officially announced he will be scoring Doctor Strange for Marvel. He tweeted the following

Doctor Strange director responds to whitewashing controversy

There has been a lot of outcry by the Asian-American community regarding the casting choice of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in Marvel’s upcoming film Doctor Strange. The Ancient One

Marvel Studios responds to Doctor Strange’s Ancient One casting controversy

News of Tilda Swinton playing The Ancient One was known since last year, but with the new Doctor Strange teaser trailer being released this month, people are in an uproar.

Doctor Strange writer on ‘whitewashing’ of Ancient One

The Internet is in an uproar with Hollywood’s “whitewashing” of “colored” characters being played by white actors, like Scarlett Johansson playing the Major in the live-action Ghost in the Shell

Tilda Swinton responds to ‘whitewashing’ of Doctor Strange’s Ancient One

Racial tension has been really high recently in Hollywood, especially with the Ghost in the Shell photo being released of Scarlett Johansson as the Major and the new Doctor Strange teaser

Doctor Strange trailer Easter eggs and references

The premiere trailer for Doctor Strange is here, and with it are some things you may have missed. Mr. Sunday Movies has released a new video that reveals some Easter

Marvel releases another poster for ‘Doctor Strange’ with more of Cumberbatch’s front side

Someone must’ve told Marvel Studios about all the jokes that Cumberbatch loves to stare at things in the distance in his film’s posters. Star Trek Into Darkness, The Imitation Game,

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! The ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer has arrived

By the Eye of Agamotto! One of the most intriguing – and mysterious – superhero films to come out this year is easily Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Much like how Thor introduced

Marvel Studios debuts teaser poster for ‘Doctor Strange’

By the Images of Ikonn! Did you think you were only getting a trailer for Doctor Strange today? To help promote the trailer reveal tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Marvel

Jimmy Kimmel Live! to host Marvel-themed week, including ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer premiere

Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” they announced that all next week will be chock full of Marvel goodness. Spanning four nights starting April 11th, the cast of Captain America: Civil

Benedict Cumberbatch dresses as Doctor Strange and visits comic shop

Now this is very cool of Benedict Cumberbatch. Earlier today the actor visited a comic book store and posed for pictures. What makes this one particularly fascinating is that he

‘The Martian’s’ Benedict Wong joins the cast of ‘Doctor Strange’

The prolific cast of Marvel’s Doctor Strange just added another great actor. Benedict Wong (The Martian) has joined the cast of Doctor Strange and will be playing Stephen Strange’s loyal

Mads Mikkelsen to play Doctor Strange’s main villain

It’s been confirmed by Marvel that Mads Mikkelsen would be in Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch. However, what’s not certain was whether or not he’ll be playing the main villain.

Benedict Cumberbatch in full Doctor Strange garb!

We’ve all known that Benedict Cumberbatch was already cast as Marvel’s Dr. Stephen Strange. However, there haven’t been many photos of him as the Supreme Sorcerer as of yet. Thanks

Marvel confirms Mads Mikkelsen and Michael Stuhlbarg for Doctor Strange, plus set photos

Marvel Studios has officially announced today that Doctor Strange is now in production. The big news from this is that Mads Mikkelsen and Michael Stuhlbarg have been confirmed as part

‘The Expendables 2’ actor Scott Adkins joins Doctor Strange

Although filming has commenced for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, the film is continuing to add more actors to the film. According to The Wrap, martial artist Scott Adkins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

First sneak peek at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

While we wait on the first official look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme, we’ll have to make do with this low-res picture instead. A sneaky person in Nepal

Rachel McAdams confirmed for Marvel’s Doctor Strange!

After weeks of rumors and theories, the truth finally falls on the table: Rachel McAdams has confirmed that she will star opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in the upcoming installment to the

Joaquin Phoenix explains why he passed on movies like Doctor Strange

Joaquin Phoenix was really close to playing the part of Doctor Strange, a role later taken by Benedict Cumberbatch. In the end, he decided against playing the Supreme Sorcerer. He