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Disney princesses as dolls bring animated scenes to life

You can say that Nerd Reactor loves Disney and its princesses. The last Disney Princesses gallery we covered was the one featuring the princesses illustrated in the manga style. There

Disney princesses drawn in manga style

There are so many Disney princesses mashups and artworks, and we’re here to add another one to the mix. Check out the Disney princesses artwork from Maram Safdar done in

Disney Princesses sing in their native language

Hopefully by now we must all know that the Disney Princesses come from different places throughout time and history. They also come from countries all around the world, and if

13 Disney princesses as real-life portraits

Here we have 13 Disney princesses as real-life portraits, thanks to artist Jirka Väätäinen. (Yeah, I know a few aren’t actually “princesses.”) He used a combination of digital painting, photomanipulation and digital compositing

J. Scott Campbell’s FairyTale Fantasies Gets Sexy

J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl, Gen13) has brought us to our supper table his first calendar dubbed Fairy Tale Fantasies 2010 calendar, featuring the sexy hotties from your favorite fairy