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Dishonored 2 review

Dunwall is at peace, and as the ruler, Emily Kaldwin seems to be doing alright. At her side is Corvo Attano, who serves as her right-hand man. That all comes

New Dishonored 2 trailer shows off Emily and Corvo’s creative kills

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Dishonored 2 on its YouTube channel. The trailer shows off 5 different ways in which players can creatively eliminate enemies in the game using their

Dark Horse Comics releasing three new art books from Bethesda

Dark Horse Comics announced today that they will be teaming up with Bethesda to release three new artbooks this year for The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Art of The

Dishonored DLC trailer combines stealthy slaughter with rap

Most people probably wouldn’t think of pairing a game like Dishonored with rap music, but, stranger things have happened. Bethesda is certainly not afraid to try such combinations with their

E3 2012: Dishonored, tossing linearity aside

It’s hard to imagine, but there are probably leagues of gamers who are all too used to playing action games that are linear, action-focused, and practically mindless. There was a

E3 2012: Bethesda’s Dishonored shows off assassin gameplay trailer

What would you do as a drunken assassin, What would you do as a drunken assassin, What would you do as a drunken assassin, early in the morning? Use crazy

Get acquainted with ‘Dishonored’, the Thief, Half Life 2, Bioshock mash-up

Have you been looking around the video game triple-a landscape and not seeing hardly anything both new and great? Though the usual sequels do their part to entertain, I can’t

Bethesda Teams Up with Deus Ex and Half-Life Designers to Create ‘Dishonored’

Bethesda Softworks is bringing out the big guns by having legendary designers come on board with the creation of its new game, Dishonored, a first-person stealth/action adventure. The game is