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AMC is back on Dish Network

Dish Network just sent emails regarding the AMC channel being back on Dish. If you go to Dish’s press section you’ll find the announcement. This is huge news for anyone

Even the cast from The Walking Dead are scared of DISH’s removal of AMC

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and have a DISH subscription, it’s time for you to jump ship and get another cable/satellite provider. Even Rick Grimes and the

AMC sends zombies to attack New York City to retaliate against DISH Network

If you use the Dish Network to watch The Walking Dead, then you probably know that you’re shit out of luck once Season 3 hits in October. The Dish Network

AMC sticks it to Dish Network by offering subscribers Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere

Now if you’re a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad and a subscriber of the Dish Network, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to watch the Season 5 premiere on Sunday,

CES 2012: Dish Network’s New Hop

Let’s Hop with Dish. An innovation in the digital satellite TV world is called the Joey-Hopper. Dish launched a new Hopper-Joey HD-DVR entertainment system which includes a Hopper receiver with