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Digital Storm’s pipes are cooler than yours

With the impending rise of steam machines, many have debated the important topic of proper PC cooling. I can’t stress how important it is to your desktop’s life span that

Digital Storm’s BOLT 3 thunders into existence

Digital Storm unveils its most advanced small form factor PC to date, the new BOLT 3. I myself have been using the first generation Bolt with wonderful results and longevity, so

CES 2014: Bolt II the Steam Machine form Digital Storm

At CES 2014 Digital Storm is showing off the Bolt II, a high-end PC that packs both Windows and Valves’ Steam Machine. The small form factor (SFF) hybrid machine is

CES: Digital Storm, custom rigs to the Extreme!

During CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Digital Storm and look at their latest custom rig you will ever need, the ARES. Walking into the sweet