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Digimon Adventure Tri. – Reunion arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 16

Back in January, Shout Factory announced that it had secured the rights to distribute the first three films of Digimon Adventure tri. in North America complete with English and Japanese

Shout! Factory has licensed Digimon Adventure Tri in North America

Digimon Adventure Tri is heading to Blu-ray and DVD later this year, as Shout! Factory and Toei Animation Inc. have signed a multi-picture deal. The deal will give Shot Factory

Digimon Adventure tri Kokuhaku ‘Confession’ trailer released

Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku (Part 3) released an all new trailer today! The film opens on September 24th this year in Japan and will be accessible by paid streaming the

Kouji Wada, singer of Butter-Fly, passes away

After fighting nasopharyngeal cancer for 13 years, renowned Japanese singer Kouji Wada passed away this past Sunday, April 3rd. He was most famous for his theme songs for the Digimon

Trailer for Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 released

The PV trailer for the second of the six-part Digimon Adventure tri. has been released! Part 2, called Ketsui (Determination), features Mimi Tachikawa and Joe Kido’s realization that they must fight, with

Digimon Adventure Tri coming November

Get ready, Digimon fans! We finally have an update on the premiere of the first Digimon Adventure Tri debut! In a little over three months, the first of six chapters–“Reunion“–will

Digimon Adventure tri. won’t be airing until November 21

Originally expected to air this Spring, we’ve learned a few new details about Digimon Adventure tri., which have fans sad that they have to wait six more months to continue the

Welcome back the cast of Digimon Adventure tri!

A new update has been released from the official website for Digimon Adventure tri from a newly hatched egg: the above poster features the cast with the cart from the end

Digimon’s Metal Garurumon is getting an S.H. Figuarts this summer

Digimon Adventure Tri will have you returning to the digital world this spring. Set three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02, Taichi (Tai) is now 17 years old

‘Digimon Adventure tri’ new character design for Taichi and Agumon

This March, Shueisha‘s V Jump will release the character designs for the new 17-year-old Taichi Yagami for the new Digimon Adventure tri. Cencoroll Director and Animator Atsuya Uki will be