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Han Solo, Leia and Emperor Palpatine will be in Star Wars Battlefront

We know Luke and Darth Vader are in Star Wars Battlefront, but they aren’t the only characters who will be playable in the game. EA has released some new information on

EA is sending closed alpha invites for Star Wars: Battlefront on PC 

Perhaps the one thing that Star Wars fans are anticipating almost as much as The Force Awakens is Star Wars: Battlefront. DICE and EA have just started sending out invites to

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gets a teaser trailer

We saw a glimpse of the newest Mirror’s Edge game last week in a special “YouTube Live from E3” video, and now DICE has officially confirmed Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and has

Star Wars Battlefront to include female stormtroopers

Over the course of the weekend during Star Wars Celebration, game developer DICE was on-hand to unveil a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. DICE general manager Patrick

J.J. Abrams delays Star Wars: Battlefront release

Disclaimer: This was an April Fool’s article. J.J. Abrams has just made every Star Wars fan scream in agony. Fortunately, it’s not in regards to the closely guarded Episode VII, but

Zombie Mode coming to Battlefield?

Zombies have always been a big factor in the success of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. While some of the installments’ campaigns and multiplayers may have not been up to

E3 2014: Star Wars Battlefront trailer brings ‘New Hope’

It’s no secret that Star Wars fans have been on edge since the cancellation of Star Wars: Attack Squadron and the hiatus of Star Wars 1313. Luckily, DICE debuted a

E3 2014: New gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge 2!

Boom! One of the much hyped games from this year’s E3 is easily the long awaited sequel to Mirror’s Edge. During EA’s press conference DICE showed off an all new

Another Battlefield Hardline leak reveals police bikes and other vehicles

Apparently someone over at EA and DICE seriously needs to be fired. This would be the third leak for Battlefield Hardline in less than a month’s time. The first big

Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer

Lately there’s been a lot of these trailers released from both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, and today with its launch, DICE has released another trailer, showing off

ASTRO Special Edition Battlefield 4 A50 Wireless gaming headset out for the Xbox 360

Just a little over two more weeks until Battlefield 4 is released, and ASTRO gaming has released a Battlefield 4 exclusive wireless Xbox 360 headset that is also compatible with

Battlefield 4’s ‘Paracel Storm’ multiplayer trailer looks better than Call of Duty: Ghosts

About 2 weeks ago, Activision revealed their first multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. EA just recently released their “Paracel Storm” multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 4, and I must

One man’s take on the CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer reveal

So as you may recall, earlier this week the new Call of Duty: Ghosts mutliplayer trailer was revealed. My personal opinion was “meh”, and other gamers have slightly more negative

Our destructive love affair with random number generators

You and your companions have been fighting your way through a monster filled cesspool of a dungeon for several hours. Enemies have been slain and good friends have fallen, but

E3 2013: EA teases fans with Star Wars Battlefront

As a Star Wars and Battlefront fan, I couldn’t be any happier. Since 2006, Battlefront III had been in production, but it never really got off the ground. There were

New Star Wars game has EA and DICE getting Los Angeles studio and 60 employees

Disney recently teamed up with EA to help produce more Star Wars games after Disney closed down LucasArts. One of the studios under EA already has experience with Star Wars

Disney drops LusasArts to team up with EA; DICE and Visceral to create Star Wars games

When Disney bought out Lucasfilm, one of the things on their to do list was to abandon LucasArts. Gamers and Star Wars fans worldwide were disappointed, because they were afraid

Battlefield 3 goes 8-Bit

One of the key elements that make Battlefield 3 one of the top FPS games around is its sound. Explosions, gunfire, debris falling, it all comes together to further cement

DIY Dungeons & Dragons dice gauntlet

Imagine that you’re at your weekly Dungeons and Dragons game. As you’re looking through your dice pouch, you realize that you’re missing your twenty-sided dice. Or perhaps your beloved pet

Parachute into the Enemy Base – Riveting Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Trailer

This new Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer is so many kinds of awesome, it’s really hard to believe that we can play video games like this. Seriously, think about it. Back