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Diablo 3: Digital Farmwars

Blizzard has once again taken digital addiction to the next level. World of Warcraft has always been plagued by those who are lovingly (sarcasm) called “Chinese” Farmers. Now don’t get

Diablo 3 Beta Footage Rises From the Internet

When is Diablo 3 coming out? Sorry, we don’t know that yet. Heck, even Blizzard might not know that yet either. What we do know though, is that new footage

Steelseries: Diablo 3 goodies!

Steelseries has always had top of the line gaming gear, and this year at E3, we were shown a few of their new products. Although not on the market yet,

Will Diablo 3 be Out Before the World Ends?

If the world does indeed end in 2012, then I’m sure there are plenty of Diablo fans out there who are greatly anticipating the speedy release of Diablo 3. There’s

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