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This week’s re-revealed Diablo 3 class: the Barbarian

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that a series of videos regarding the character class skills were released. This week we all have the privilege of watching the Barbarian

New Diablo 3 class skill trailers, which one are you looking forward to?

Activision-Blizzard continues to drip feed information and video to us as the impending May 15th release of the world’s most famous dungeon crawler makes its third return. Being a fan

End of Days to come in two months with Diablo 3 release!

It’s just as the Mayans predicted. The end of days is near; Hell shall be released upon Earth. Diablo 3 will be unleashed onto the world on May 15, 2012.

15th-Anniversary Diablo Site Crawls Out of Hell – Diablo 3 ‘Almost Done’

It is a very special occasion when a Blizzard game is released, because, well, they take their sweet time to make their games as good as they possibly can be.

Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Announced

Its that time of year again, BlizzCon is upon us and with that news on anything Blizzard is bound to come. And one of the news I have been waiting

Diablo III Public Beta Impressions

  Disclaimer: This is an impression based on the current beta in development and are merely thoughts of what it offers at the moment. It does not accurately describe the

No Diablo 3? No Problem! The Diablo 3 Skill Calculator Lets You Try Out Your Future Characters Now!

This is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever seen released outside of a main release for an RPG game. Blizzard’s Skill Calculator allows eager would-be Diablo 3 players to test

Diablo 3: Digital Farmwars

Blizzard has once again taken digital addiction to the next level. World of Warcraft has always been plagued by those who are lovingly (sarcasm) called “Chinese” Farmers. Now don’t get

Diablo 3 Beta Footage Rises From the Internet

When is Diablo 3 coming out? Sorry, we don’t know that yet. Heck, even Blizzard might not know that yet either. What we do know though, is that new footage

Steelseries: Diablo 3 goodies!

Steelseries has always had top of the line gaming gear, and this year at E3, we were shown a few of their new products. Although not on the market yet,

Blizzard Seriously Looking into Console Development?

Don’t get too excited non-PC players, but Blizzard is looking for a senior software engineer to be “a key contributor on the Diablo team” who is a “Playstation 3 specialist”.

Video of Diablo 3’s Followers – Enchantress, Scoundrel, and Templar

A video of the followers that will appear in Diablo 3 has just recently been leaked. Blizzard apparently confirmed that the video was real, and then officially released it. The

Diablo 3 Beta to Devour Your Productivity in the Third Quarter

Activision-Blizzard just announced that they will stop selfishly playing Diablo 3 all by themselves. Yes, we the gamers who are not privy to have a cush’ job at the house

Will Diablo 3 be Out Before the World Ends?

If the world does indeed end in 2012, then I’m sure there are plenty of Diablo fans out there who are greatly anticipating the speedy release of Diablo 3. There’s

Diablo 3 Gameplay and the 5th Class Revealed

As many of you know yesterday was opening day at BlizzCon. You can read about my day here. This post is mainly focused on the gameplay of Diablo 3. Diablo 3

BlizzCon 2010! Day One with Gallery

Today was an exciting day for me. I went to my very first BlizzCon, and it was of great! I was so excited that I couldn’t get any sleep because

Blizzard Reveals New Caravan Feature For Diablo III

Two days ago over in Cologne, Germany, Blizzard showcased a new gameplay feature for the much anticipated Diablo III. The new word of the day is Caravan! This new feature

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