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A night with an old flame – Revisiting Diablo in Diablo III’s Anniversary Event

It’s been a long time since I last played Diablo 3. After beating Reaper of Souls, I simply stepped away and moved on with other games. My demon hunter Doubler

New class coming to Diablo 3

With BlizzCon over, we learn that a new class is coming to Diablo 3. Well, not really new but more of a re-introduction. The Necromancer class is coming. For those

Blizzard hiring for ‘unannounced’ project

“Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the most epic games in the world, is seeking an exceptionally skilled and passionate art director to help develop Blizzard’s next hit game!” With a

Diablo 3’s double cache weekend

You really have to love the way that Blizzard is somehow still managing to keep Diablo 3 alive and kicking. With the release of the 2.3 patch, it brought a

Exclusive rewards for players in both Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3

Cross-game rewards anyone? Since Heroes of the Storm is set to update next week with the release of Kharazim, a monk from Diablo 3’s sanctuary, a vast array of cross-game

Blizzard announces three heroes and new map for Heroes of the Storm

In recent days, Blizzard announced three new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm, one from each of its major well-known franchises, and introduced a new battleground. One of the

Secret Ponchos – Early Access preview

Switchblade Monkeys, developer of Secret Ponchos, had one hell of a vision when creating this product. Originally developed for the PlayStation 4, a number of fans who sampled the game

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (review)

I feel an overwhelming sense of “meh” when it comes to 2014’s releases, save for a few like the new Smash Bros. However, for a select some, I’m very cautious

Max Payne 3 comes out on top despite Diablo III hype

Everyone I know is talking about Diablo III. Hardly anyone ever mentions Max Payne 3, so it was a shock to find out that Max Payne 3 did better in

Diablo 3 review (normal/nightmare)

How do you follow up an act like Diablo II? That is the question Blizzard had to find an answer to when working on the third title in the legendary

If you hate My Little Pony, this Diablo III level is for you

There were fans who were disappointed with the way Diablo III was shaping up. These fans were complaining that the new game was more colorful and less dark than the

Diablo 3 Launch: Hell Has Issues

We’ve been through much together Blizzard. The good times (vanilla WOW), and the bad (Mists of Panderia), and with every launch you have taken careful consideration on server traffic, game

Diablo 3 already beaten back to hell

I would tell you to grab the red bull and get on it, but it’s already been done. Diablo 3 launched at midnight last night, and zealous fans, who either

Diablo 3 animated short

With Diablo’s hordes set to be released in less than a week, Blizzard has released an animated short. The animated short is made by Titmouse Inc., the company who brought

Diablo 3 TV spots and launch events

  There’s less than two weeks left before the hordes of Burning Hells are unleashed upon the Earth. They have already started to make their presence known. They have started

Blizzard introduces Global Play for Diablo 3

Blizzard introduces Global Play for Diablo 3. This will allow players to take on the Burning Hells’ hordes with friends halfway around the world. Global Play functionality allows players to

Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor trailer – ‘let the killing begin’

Oh, wait, that’s the wrong tribe. Sorry about that, Witch Doctor. Anyway, the Witch Doctor is here, and he’s brought an army of pets. The Gargantuan appears to be his

Blizzard’s stress test for Diablo III left many gamers stressed out

This past weekend, Blizzard decided to give fans a treat by running a 3-day stress test for their servers which in turn allowed everyone to play the Diablo III beta.

Diablo 3 beta open for everyone this weekend

You read that right, Diablo 3 beta is open for everyone starting this afternoon Friday, April 20, until Monday, April 23rd 10 AM PDT. They are doing this as a

This week’s re-revealed Diablo 3 class: the Monk

Though the Monks of Diablo 3 can dual-wield maces and spin staffs around with great skill, they apparently prefer to use their bare hands to defeat evil–me too. This week’s

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