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Say ello’ to Your New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pictures

Everyone excited to see more of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? No, I’m sorry, there’s no new gameplay trailer out yet. These pictures will have to tide you over for now.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Specs and New Screenshots

Here are 3 new PC screenshots and the specs required for PC users for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Well, I think my PC setup should be good for this. Minimum

Need a Hand? Sarif Industries Has the Answers – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ad

Ever been in a situation where you lost an arm, a leg, or maybe even your baby maker? Well, have no worries, because Sarif Industries, the leading technological company in

Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘Three Ways to Play’ Gameplay Trailer

Here’s a new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution featuring the many different ways to play. Adam Jensen shows you three different ways to infiltrate the Sarif Manufacturing facility.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release Date and Augmented Edition Details

Hot off the presses, Deus Ex: Human Revolution finally has a release date in this crowded year. You can expect it to be released on August 25th, 2011, though that

Life Before Augmentation: New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer and Screenshots

Square Enix has released a trailer and screenshots for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The trailer digs in deeper into the life of our main protagonist, Adam Jensen, before augmentation. He

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Level Design Evolved

The original Deus Ex game gave gamers true freedom when it came to infiltrating and extracting. Your character, JC Denton, can go inside a building in many different ways, whether

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Extended Trailer

Here’s the newest extended trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not much gameplay, but this is a cinematic masterpiece and very cool indeed. If you haven’t played the game, it’s

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