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Bungie no longer updating Destiny; focused solely on Destiny 2

With only about 3 months left until release, many fans and gamers alike are in high anticipation of Bungie’s follow-up to Destiny, Desinty 2 (that seemed very anticlimactic). For those

Bungie officially announces Destiny 2!

And the worst kept secret has finally been confirmed! Today, Bungie has officially announced Destiny 2 on the official Destiny Twitter page. Still no details were provided. We do however have

Bungie reveals ‘The Road Ahead’ for Destiny before Destiny 2

Since the announcement of Destiny 2 is still on its way this Fall, there has been no real news since then. Earlier today Bungie did reveal some details to come for

Destiny 2 confirmed for Fall 2017

Great news, Guardians! Activision has recently confirmed the release for Destiny 2. The original release date was set for September 2016 but was pushed back to sometime in 2017. With no

Is Vicarious Visions working with Bungie on Destiny sequel?

While Vicarious Visions has been working on the Skylanders franchise since 2011, it’s been revealed that the company will be teaming with Activision and Destiny developer Bungie Studios to further expand

Sparrow Racing returns to Destiny!

What can easily be considered one of the best events in Destiny, Sparrow Racing is coming back in all it’s glory! Last year, Bungie heard it’s community and introduced the

Would you play Destiny on PC?

With Destiny’s latest expansion released a few weeks ago, players are set to look into the future. Rise of Iron added to the continuing battle with new enemies, strikes, and raids, but where

Destiny’s Crucible vs Titanfall 2 multiplayer

The first weekend of the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Demo is over and the buzz is still hot for EA’s latest game. Since the focus is solely on multiplayer, I

Activision announces Destiny: The Collection

Ready to jump in Rise of Iron to defend Earth from SIVA but haven’t even started your Guardian yet? Activision has you covered. Announced earlier today is Destiny: The Collection, which contains

Destiny 2 concept art leaks

Sometime yesterday Reddit user DustinThaxon posted a few links that he stumbled across about artist Aziz Dosmetov. The Reddit user claims that one of the links he found is concept artwork for

New Destiny: Rise of Iron details including light level increase to 385

New Destiny: Rise of Iron details have emerged from the most recent issue of Game Informer. Released in a 16-page spread, the magazine reports tons of new information about what gamers will

Destiny: Rise of Iron Pre-Order Bonus includes Iron Gjallarwing

As we get close and close to September 20th, Bungie is releasing bits and pieces of new information regarding Destiny: Rise of Iron. One of the first pre-order bonuses has

Defend the Last City with KontrolFreek’s Destiny CQC Thumbsticks (PS4 review)

For years gamers have been trying to get a competitive edge and hone their skills. And for years now, KontrolFreek has been the trusted brand in helping to improve your

Destiny Reveal Stream: Rise of Iron releases September 20

Lord Saladin has trained you. He’s shaped your skills and courage through many battles among your fellow guardians. Now he calls you on the verge of a new threat as

Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer Leaks!

E3 must be next week (obviously it is), because yesterday the XBL store leaked details about Destiny‘s upcoming expansion Rise of Iron. Not only that, but today we were treated to

Destiny: Rise of Iron official reveal on June 9

A few weeks ago, we reported a leak of what could be the next expansion for Destiny. “Rise of Iron” has been swirling around the net, and as to what

Destiny expansion ‘Rise of Iron’ leaked?

E3 is only a few weeks away, but it appears the party is slowly getting started. Earlier today, a Destiny marketing poster was posted on Reddit that appears to be

Destiny’s April update: Playstation-exclusive content

Destiny’s April update is about to release and will feature exclusive content for Sony console players, as confirmed by a PlayStation Blog post. According to the update, PlayStation players can

Was Destiny a $60 experiment?

Destiny has been out for a mere 2 years and has seen 2 expansions. Rumors have been spreading around the web that Bungie is working on the next installment of the

So long special ammo in Destiny’s 2.1.1 weekly update

Some big and small changes are on their way to Destiny next week, starting with the update on February 9th. There are going to be changes in regards to playlists,