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Death Sentence: London preview panels and variant covers

If you haven’t checked out the Death Sentence comic by writer Montynero, what are you waiting for? Once you’re done with that, come back and check out the preview panels

New Death Sentence comic series returns in June 2015

Death Sentence, the comic about an STD that gives people superpowers, will be getting a new comic series called Death Sentence: London. Co-creator Montynero (X-Men Annual, Vertigo CMYK) will be joined

Death Sentence: Sex, Drugs and Superpowers (graphic novel review)

When it comes to comic book superheroes and their powers, it’s always interesting to see the many different ways a writer can come up with how a person acquires their powers. The Fantastic Four

Death Sentence #1 – When an STD can give you superpowers

Titan Comics will be releasing the first issue of Death Sentence next week on Wednesday October 9, 2013. It’s a comic book miniseries that follows three different Londoners who are