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Death Battle has returned with Dante vs. Bayonetta

So Death Battle has finally returned with two ridiculous fighters, Dante vs. Bayonetta! See who’s the better warrior below. Now that you’ve seen it or just kind of scrolled down

Death Battle returns March 16 with Dante vs. Bayonetta

For those of you who are tired of rerunning episodes of Death Battle while you wait for the next one to come out, good news! It’s coming back! Marking its

Iron Man battles Lex Luthor in Death Battle

It’s one of those rivalries that’s been looked at for years like Batman and Superman, Goku and Vegeta, Mustard and Mayonnaise, etc.. And of course with Avengers: Age of Ultron

A Death Battle between Godzilla and Gamera?

The people over at Screw Attack’s Death Battle are still reeling from the massive amount of response they got from fans over the highly controversial episode featuring the fight between

Reaction to Superman vs. Goku Death Battle

Talk about nerd rage. The amount of response Screw Attack got from their Goku vs. Superman episode is off the charts. Of course, DBZ fans seem to be a little

Superman faces off with Goku in the ultimate Death Battle

It has been the subject matter for some of the most heated nerd debates, who would win in a fight between Superman and Goku? Naturally, most will give you their biased