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Ryan Reynolds thinks about a Deadpool and Spider-Man crossover

During a Twitter Q&A with Ryan Reynolds, the actor took some time to answer questions from fans via videos. A question was asked whether Reynolds could imagine doing something with Spider-Man.

Listen to Deadpool track, ‘Twelve Bullets,’ by Junkie XL

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, has composed the score for last year’s Mad Max: Fury Road and Black Mass. He will also be co-composing with Hans Zimmer in the upcoming

Fox and Disney dominate list of Super Bowl ads, but Batman v Superman will be a no-show

Get ready for a massive helping of Deadpool during this year’s Super Bowl. Not only will there be a TV spot during the game, but also Ryan Reynolds will be

Celebrate with Deadpool this Valentine’s Day with these cards from Costume SuperCsenter

With the Deadpool movie coming out this Valentine’s Day, or some like to call it Single Awareness Day aka SAD, our friends at Costume SuperCenter sent us some digital Deadpool

Hugh Jackman responds to Deadpool’s jab at Wolverine movie

Deadpool had a recent promo talking about Australia Day. In the video, he said that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a career low for him. However, he did praise Jackman, saying that

Deadpool wants you to touch yourself tonight

Deadpool has released a new promo video where he wants you to touch yourself tonight. No, not choking the chicken or auditioning the finger puppets (if you’re a gal). The

Deadpool taking over Fandango’s Twitter is comedy gold

Deadpool is a comic book character who likes to break the fourth wall. He also has a movie coming out next month. To help promote the movie, the Merc with

Surprise screening of the Deadpool movie has massive positive response on Twitter

In a surprising turn of events, a chosen few were able to watch the Deadpool movie before its release into theaters next month. In fact, Ryan Reynolds was in attendance for a

China bans Deadpool due to mature content

There’s a petition out there wanting a PG-13 version of Deadpool because an 8-year-old kid won’t be able to watch the film in theaters. Will Fox and the filmmakers submit

Kid inspires petition to make Deadpool PG-13 version

Fans have rejoiced when Ryan Reynolds beat the crap out of Extra host Mario Lopez and announced that the Deadpool movie was going to be Rated R. Ever since then, we’ve

Deadpool emoji billboard is now Skull Poop L in new banner

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt spotted a really clever Deadpool billboard featuring emojis that spelled out Deadpool. Well, if we were to be exact, it would be Skull Poop L.

New Deadpool billboard has poop emoji

The Deadpool marketing team is having lots of fun with the ads for the upcoming film starring Ryan Reynolds. We’ve seen Deadpool wear an ugly Christmas sweater, close-up crotch shots,

Deadpool’s Empire cover photo and infomercial released

More Deadpool goodness has just been released. As if the two Deadpool trailers were not enough, Empire has revealed its cover photo for this month’s issue featuring Deadpool. And if

Taskmaster is officially back with Marvel

Taskmaster has been a thorn in many of the Marvel heroes’ sides for quite some time in the comic books. There was mention of his name across the lips of

Two Deadpool trailers arrive just in time for Christmas

It’s a Christmas miracle! On the 12 days of Deadpool, our belching crimson chundertub gave to us a brand new Deadpool trailer. Judging by the trailer below, it’s everything that we

Hugh Jackman takes over 12 Days of Deadpool

Fox is currently promoting the 12 Days of Deadpool. However, Hugh Jackman has hijacked the promotion with a new image and Christmas Eve trailer. The image features Wolverine with tiny

Deadpool’s Colossus voice actor revealed to be Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic

Colossus was featured heavily in the Deadpool IMAX poster that was just released for 12 Days of Deadpool. As for who will be playing the metal mutant, we already have

New Deadpool promo for upcoming Christmas day trailer!

The Christmas part of Deadpool’s marketing campaign is happening right now with the 12 Days of Deadpool. This time it’s geared towards the NBA as the next trailer for Deadpool will be

Deadpool hops on Colossus in IMAX poster

IMAX got a very special gift from Fox for the ninth day of Deadpool. The new IMAX painted poster features Deadpool on top of Colossus’ shoulders. Surrounding them are the

Deadpool celebrates Christmas with an ugly sweater and crotch shot

Deadpool has been celebrating Christmas by releasing photos every day for the 12 Days of Deadpool. The first poster we got was a close-up shot of his crotch with the